What's on the Outside Does Count

Enhance the appearance of your house in the Bloomingdale, Kalamazoo, MI area with an exterior renovation

You should be excited to pull into your driveway and see your house. But if the sight of your dingy siding or decrepit deck makes you sigh in disappointment, it's time for an exterior renovation. Havenwood Builders LLC can take care of all your exterior projects, from door and window replacements to deck restoration.

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Increase your square footage and your property value

If you're starting to feel cramped and crowded in your Bloomingdale & Kalamazoo, MI area home, you don't have to pick up and move. Hire Havenwood Builders to build a home addition instead.

Our pros can build:

  • A sunroom addition
  • A porch addition
  • A pergola addition
  • A deck addition

Start exploring the possibilities for your sunroom addition or other expansion. Call 269-215-0540 now to consult our experts.